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Lucia di Lammermoor
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, April 15, 1993

Lucia di Lammermoor (490)
Gaetano Donizetti | Salvadore Cammarano
Sumi Jo

Alfredo Kraus

Haijing Fu

Paul Plishka

John Horton Murray

Judith Christin

Richard Drews

Michelangelo Veltri

Review 1:

Alex Ross in The New York Times

Everyone but Roseanne Arnold has sung in the Met's current production of "Lucia," which will have its last performance of the season next Saturday. The final additions to the cast have been Sumi Jo in the title role and Alfredo Kraus as Edgardo.

Ms. Jo regularly receives acclaim for the agile beauty of her singing; she is just as often criticized for a lack of passion. But her performance on Monday night succeeded in every dimension by which a Lucia might be measured. The part was delivered with remarkable precision, every note gleaming in place; at the same time, it gained luster with touches entirely the singer's own. The mad scene dissolved into shivering pulsations of timbre, otherworldly and beguiling.

Operagoers expecting an excess of hysteria might have been disappointed; this soprano does not possess a large voice, and her acting sometimes seemed to lag behind the consummate artistry of her singing. But she brilliantly made sense of the Met's misconceived production. Her voice and form floated like candlelight through the drab, lugubrious décor.

Alfredo Kraus contributed a typically stylish Edgardo. The venerable tenor has developed a somewhat causal relationship with the pitches assigned to him, but the urgency of his delivery remains impressive. In the pit, Michelangelo Veltri was artfully attentive to the singers; the orchestra, however, gave a routine, rather sloppy performance.

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