[Met Performance] CID:307250

Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, January 27, 1992

Debut : Reiner Goldberg, Sylvia McNair

Fidelio (187)
Ludwig van Beethoven | Joseph Sonnleithner
Hildegard Behrens

Reiner Goldberg [Debut]

Don Pizarro
Ekkehard Wlaschiha

Matti Salminen

Sylvia McNair [Debut]

Donald Kaasch

Don Fernando
Alan Held

First Prisoner
Michael Forest

Second Prisoner
James Courtney

Christof Perick

Otto Schenk

Boris Aronson

Lighting Designer
Gil Wechsler

Stage Director
Bruce Donnell

Fidelio received six performances this season.

Review 1:

Leighton Kerner in the Village Voice

"Fidelio"— Beethoven's paean to human goodness (overcoming evil) has just come back into the repertory (January 27) only to disappear again after the February 8 broadcast matinee. The revival fritters away much of the opera's power and point. Of two debutants, Reiner Goldberg was a prosaic, tenorially loud yet fragile Florestan, and Sylvia McNair, justly admired in many cities as a lyric-soprano Mozartian, seemed vocally weak in the Met's vastness, although her dramatic instincts were perfect. Hildegard Behrens's Leonore was acted and sung heroically, with none of the wobble and screech of recent years, Salminen's Rocco thundered nicely, and Donald Kaasch's Jacquino sounded bright and chummy. Ekkehard Wlaschiha’s Pizzarro lost necessary steam during the evening, but Christof Perick's conducting belatedly gained it.

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