[Met Performance] CID:270000

Opening Night {98}, General Manager: Anthony A. Bliss

Der Rosenkavalier
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, September 20, 1982

Debut : Shawn Lamont Robertson, Judith Goldberg, Sven Leaf, Anthony Laciura

Der Rosenkavalier (277)
Richard Strauss | Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Tatiana Troyanos

Princess von Werdenberg (Marschallin)
Kiri Te Kanawa

Baron Ochs
Kurt Moll

Judith Blegen

Derek Hammond-Stroud

Jean Kraft

Joseph Frank

Italian Singer
Jeffrey Stamm

Elizabeth Coss

Shawn Lamont Robertson [Debut]

Princess' Major-domo
Nico Castel

Judith Goldberg [Debut]

Joyce Olson

Janet Wagner

Linda Mays

Animal Vendor
John Hanriot

Sam Cardea

James Courtney

Erbert Aldridge

Arthur Apy

Robert Manno

Fawayne Murphy

Sven Leaf [Debut]

Faninal's Major-domo
Anthony Laciura [Debut]

Charles Anthony

Police Commissioner
Richard Vernon

James Levine

Nathaniel Merrill

Robert O'Hearn

Lighting Designer
Gil Wechsler

Stage Director
Bruce Donnell

Der Rosenkavalier received nineteen performances this season.

Revival a gift of Mrs. Michael Falk

Review 1:

Robe in Variety
“Der Rosenkavalier” (MET OPERA N.Y.)

Starting what shapes to be its most successful season (based on the goodies promised) with a proven work staffed with a superb cast is good thinking on the part of the Metropolitan Opera. Why take chances when you've got all the ingredients for success ready and waiting? Even the no-show of Luciano Pavarotti for his announced cameo of the Italian singer didn't really matter (he, must have read his reviews of "Yes, Giorgio").

A well-nigh faultless cast (if one wants to quibble, it took some positive thinking on the part of the audience to believe that anyone in their right mind would leave the stunning Kiri Te Kanawa for the only pretty Judith Blegen). But when is logic ever meaningful in the wonderful world of opera? Such as giving the most tuneful waltzes to a clumsy oaf of a villain? What thinking on the part of Richard Strauss brought this about?

Tatiana Troyanos' Octavian captured much of the innocence and charm of the rose cavalier and one of the highlights of the performance was the convincing glance between the two young lovers-to-be when he presented the rose to Sophie. Judith Blegen reminded this listener of the blushing young Eleanor Steber in her mixture of innocence and coquetry. Kiri Te Kanawa, particularly in the first act, showed a brilliant combination of superb voice and convincing acting that even Elizabeth Schwarzkopf would have approved. This, evidently, is the top Marschallin for the present.

Kurt Moll seemed a trifle coarser and brutal than one is used to in previous Baron Ochs. Effective as portrayed but one wonders why such an elegant creature as the Marschallin would even give the time of day to such a boor. Young Jeffrey Stamm, thrown hurriedly into the role of the singer because of the defecting Pavarotti, did well as could be expected but this really is a thankless role.

James Levine, always in command as usual, provided the Straussian score with the sparkle it deserves and supporting players Derek Hammon-Stroud, Elizabeth Coss, Joseph Frank and. Jean Kraft were first class.

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