[Met Performance] CID:256090

Don Pasquale
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, January 4, 1979

Don Pasquale (89)
Gaetano Donizetti | Giovanni Ruffini
Don Pasquale
Gabriel Bacquier

Beverly Sills

Alfredo Kraus

Dr. Malatesta
Håkan Hagegård

Nico Castel


Nicola Rescigno

Review 1:

Review of Robert Jacobson in Opera News

January 4 was to be the red-letter day marking Alfredo Kraus' return to the house, but yeomanlike he filled in for Nicolai Gedda at the previous performance of "Don Pasquale." By the 4th he had settled into Dexter's production with silken ease, giving vocal pleasure and illumination at every turn, though he tended to avoid extraneous high notes. The miracle of the Spanish tenor is that he knows the exact limits of his voice and never pushes beyond. His placement is a perfect embodiment of bel canto ideals, sounding youthful, smooth in emission, never overinflated, able to diminuendo and crescendo within the scale of his instrument. What a joy to encounter a singer of such intelligence and sensitivity who obeys the laws of nature! His Ernesto was acted with elegance and humor.

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