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La Traviata
Metropolitan Opera House, Wed, October 11, 1978

La Traviata (652)
Giuseppe Verdi | Francesco Maria Piave
Mariana Nicolesco

Carlo Bergonzi

Mario Sereni

Ariel Bybee

Charles Anthony

Baron Douphol
Robert Goodloe

Marquis D'Obigny
Gene Boucher

Dr. Grenvil
Philip Booth

Ann Florio

John Hanriot

Paul De Paola

Suzanne Laurence

Dave Roeger

James Conlon

Review 1:

Review of Bill Zakariasen in the Daily News

There were some new voices to be heard Wednesday night as the Met Opera did "La Traviata" and City Opera gave "The Magic Flute." Therefore, I had to split my duties between the two companies. Good thing Cityop and the Met are literally a stone's throw from each other.

The Met's debutante in the role of Violetta did in fact, first appear in this country last year at Cityop, and in the same part. Soprano Mariana Niculescu was slated to open in "Rigoletto" later on, but since her Romanian compatriot, Eugenia Moldoveanu, fell ill, she was put on the boards early. Both singers have a good deal in common beside their nationality - Latin good looks, better-than-average acting ability, and voices flexible enough to handle the coloratura of Act I and the heavy lyricism of the rest. Moldoveanu is technically more adept, but Niculescu has the more arresting vocal sound. It's inclined to overgenerous vibration and veers noticeably sharp at times, but character is omnipresent. Her tonal production is erratic - exquisite pianissimos alternate with squalls - but Niculescu is a most affecting and intriguing singing actress, well-deserving of the attention she has inspired since her first appearances here.

Bergonzi's Return

Tenor Carlo Bergonzi returned to the Met as Alfredo and, although his actions still resemble those of a trained seal, his singing was full of the aristocratic fervor happily associated with him. He was, moreover, in unusually good voice. Mario Sereni substituting as Papa Germont for Ingvar Wixell was his usual inimitable self. A special salute to Ann Florio, who did her fellow choristers proud in the role of Annina.

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