[Met Performance] CID:244770

Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, April 3, 1976

Debut : Ljiljana Molnar-Talajic

Review 1:

Review of Irving Kolodin in the Saturday

In the later "Aida"s of the Metropolitan Opera's season, New York made the acquaintance of a newish dramatic soprano from Yugoslavia named Ljiljana Molnar-Talajic. By "newish" is meant that she has previously appeared (also in Philadelphia), and with several of Europe's leading opera companies. She is somewhat short and of stocky build, but there is no doubt that she is, truly, a dramatic soprano, with a bright, strong voice capable of piercing Verdi's brassiest instrumentation. She can also reduce it skillfully to the dimensions required for such phrases as "Numi, pieta" - (in two different circumstances). What she cannot, at present, do is keep all the vowels in Italian from sounding like "e." This gives her verbal enunciation a somewhat exotic character amid the more correct practices of what happened to be an all-North American cast.

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