[Met Performance] CID:205000

The Queen of Spades
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, January 6, 1966

In English

The Queen of Spades (13)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Felicia Weathers

James McCracken

Jean Madeira

Prince Yeletsky
Sherrill Milnes

Count Tomsky
Morley Meredith

Paul Franke

Lorenzo Alvary

Joann Grillo

Carlotta Ordassy

Master of Ceremonies
Gene Boucher

Loretta Di Franco

Gabor Carelli

Louis Sgarro

Ivan Allen

Anna Aragno

Thomas Schippers

Review 1:

Review of John Gruen in the Herald Tribune

Jean Madeira sang her first Countess last evening in the Metropolitan Opera's production of Tchaikovsky's "Queen of Spades." It was a triumph of vocal and dramatic characterization and made eminently clear the fact that Miss Madeira is an artist who can dominate the stage whether she utters a sound or not.

The point is the role is brief, but intensely dramatic and requires the projection of an actress able to sustain her presence, be that presence visible or invisible throughout the opera. This Miss Madeira accomplished to stunning effect, being the more powerful by means of a vocal instrument deep and regal in proportion. Her great second act aria contained pathos and poetry, and never strayed from the realm of characterization. In short, Jean Madeira's old countess was something very special indeed.

The rest of the cast was a familiar one. James McCracken's Gherman was a study of controlled anguish, while Felicia Weathers' Lisa, somewhat strained last evening, was carefully handled. The Met's new baritone, Sherrill Milnes, singing Yeletsky once again displayed a most beautiful and expressive voice, as did Morley Meredith singing Count Tomsky.

Thomas Schippers is, of course, made for this sort of breathless and romantic music, and in his hands the score brimmed with all manner of nuance, fire and lyricism.

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