[Met Performance] CID:196860

Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, January 9, 1964

Review 1:

Review of John Ardoin in Musical America
The January 9 performance of "Faust” to be conducted by Ignace Strasfogel and the first Met Wagner by Robert Patterson. George London was to have made his seasonal bow as Méphistophélès, but he was busy preparing for the "Last Savage" premiere and was replaced by Cesare Siepi. Barry Morell replaced the announced Faust of Richard Verreau.
With the catalogue of who was on first out of the way, the balance of this notice can be devoted to the superb performance by Miss Kirsten, for neither Strasfogel's nor Patterson's efforts deserve more than a mention.

Miss Kirsten seems to become physically and vocally younger each season. Her voice was radiant and fresh and soared with ease and excitement through the music. She knows, far better than any other lady involved in the French repertory these days at the Met, the prerequisites for a stylish performance: rhythmic sharpness, economy of line and elegant diction. To these qualities she welded her sure sense of finding the right means of expression for a given dramatic situation and a graceful, compelling presence on stage. What a pity she wasn't our Manon this season. The production then might have had a fighting chance.

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