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Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Metropolitan Opera House, Tue, October 15, 1963

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (313)
Richard Wagner | Richard Wagner
Hans Sachs
Paul Schöffler

Lisa Della Casa

Walther von Stolzing
Sándor Kónya

Blanche Thebom

Murray Dickie

Karl Dönch

Ezio Flagello

Norman Mittelmann

Paul Franke

Calvin Marsh

Robert Patterson

Andrea Velis

Gabor Carelli

Robert Nagy

Louis Sgarro

Norman Scott

Night Watchman
Clifford Harvuot

Joseph Rosenstock

Nathaniel Merrill

Robert O'Hearn

Todd Bolender

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg received seven performances this season.

Review 1:

Review of John Ardoin in Musical America
It seemed a hardship to the Metropolitan Opera's fine orchestra and chorus to have scheduled Wagner's "Die Meistersinger" for the second night of the season, October 15. The day before had been the open*ing-night "Aida," and the afternoon of the 15th was spent in the dress rehearsal of "Manon." When 7:15 in the evening rolled around, neither group seemed ready to face four and one half hours of the concentration that Wagner's score demands. Nor was conductor Joseph Rosenstock enough of a dynamo to fire these tired spirits into more than routine efforts.

After a sluggish Act I, however, the proceedings were more palatable, thanks to a superb quintet of principals: Paul Schöffler (Hans Sachs), Lisa Della Casa (Eva), Sandor Konya (Walther), Murray Dickie (David) and Blanche Theborn (in her first Metropolitan Magdalene). Schöflfer's portrayal of Sachs is one of the memorable characterizations of the contemporary opera scene. Here was not a chain of studied gestures and effects but a compassionate and deeply touching account of the role. The same humane understanding went into Schöflfer's singing, which was particularly awesome considering the baritone is now 66.

Lisa Della Casa is certainly one of opera's great beauties, and she and Sandor Konya cut a pair of believable and romantic figures as the young lovers. Miss Della Casa's voice was a bit dry for the quintet, but elsewhere she sang radiantly. Konya seems far more comfortable as Walther than he did last season, and his singing was fresh, intelligent and effortless. How wonderful it was really to hear the part of Magdalene for a change, thanks to Miss Thebom's well-projected and warm voice. Murray Dickie was, again the excellent David.

Karl Dönch's Beckmesser seemed overly farcical in Act II, but elsewhere a delight. The other fine meistersingers were Ezio Flagello, Norman Mittelmann, Paul Franke, Calvin Marsh, Robert Nagy, Gabor Carelli, Robert Patterson, Norman Scott and Louis Sgarro.

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