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Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, February 22, 1962

Review 1:

Review of Francis D. Perkins in the New York Herald Tribune

Jane Rhodes Has Title Role in Met's 'Salome'

Jane Rhodes returned to the title role of Richard Strauss' "Salome" at the Metropolitan Opera House last night, while Jochanaan and Narraboth, the other characters who met death during the work's ninety-five minutes, were represented by Morley Meredith and John Alexander for the first time here.

Mr. Meredith sang the prophet's music with constant dignity and general persuasiveness; the vocal volume, for much of the time, was generous and in due proportion with the orchestral music. An occasional roughness of surface was not inappropriate, but, a fuller tonal focus might have added to the Canadian baritone's sonorous effectiveness. His appearance was in character with the role and the situation.

Mr. Alexander's impersonation of the self-slaying young Syrian officer was also persuasive, with considerable dramatic appeal and pathos; he sang with tonal appeal and prevailing, while not invariable, firmness and, as a rule, with fully adequate sonority.

Miss Rhodes' singing registered a gain in volume and range of color, but the sensuality of her interpretation was again more for the eye than for the ear. Ramon Vinay reappeared as Herod and Blanche Thebom as Herodias; Margaret Roggero sang the page and William Wilderman the first Nazarene for the first time this season, and Joseph Rosenstock again conducted.

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