[Met Performance] CID:189890

Madama Butterfly
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, January 18, 1962

Madama Butterfly (421)
Giacomo Puccini | Luigi Illica/ Giuseppe Giacosa
Licia Albanese

William Olvis

Rosalind Elias

Theodor Uppman

Paul Franke

Osie Hawkins

George Cehanovsky

Gloria Kapilow

Kate Pinkerton
Mary MacKenzie

Calvin Marsh

Kurt Kessler

Fausto Cleva

Review 1:

Review of John Gruen in the New York Herald Tribune

Licia Albanese Sings 'Butterfly' At the Met

Licia Albanese has been singing at the Metropolitan Opera for more than two decades and to have again heard her last night as "Madama Butterfly" (her first of this season) was to have visited with an old and true friend, some of whose luster may have waned a bit, but whose sincerity and devotion never has. Miss Albanese's personal warmth shone across the footlights and made itself felt, particularly in those moments where her vocal resources were not always at her command.

But let those big moments approach and you will not find any hesitation in Miss Albanese's unique way with an aria. Certainly in the first act's love duet she could soar and sing out with the best of them, and "Un bel di" had all it could wish in terms of emotional fervor and vocal ease.

The acting, now and then, became somewhat overdone. Let's face it, those kimono sleeves did receive an undue workout.) But Licia Albanese can still spin a breath-taking pianissimo and one was grateful for all the beautiful moments that made being with her last evening so enjoyable. Also making their first appearances were Theodore Uppman as Sharpless and Rosalind Elias as Suzuki. Mr. Uppman's clear and opulent voice lent dignity to his role, while Miss Elias was in excellent form both vocally and visually. But it was clearly Miss Albanese's evening.

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