[Met Performance] CID:187270

La Gioconda
Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, February 25, 1961

Review 1:

Review of Alan Rich in Musical America
Those gloomy folk who early in the season felt that Miss Farrell had made her Metropolitan debut too late in her career would be well advised to watch the constant deepening and subtilization of her art as she becomes more accustomed to her surroundings. Vocally, her Gioconda has never been in doubt; visually, it constantly improves, as she learns the art of movement and gesture and stance. Right now it is among the richest music-dramatic creations in all opera. Mr. Fernandi’s first Enzo was musically splendid, beautifully shaded and intelligently projected. His “Cielo e mar” began quietly, reflectively, with a commendable husbanding of vocal resources toward an overwhelming delivery of the final bars. His command of gesture, however, ranged from the rudimentary to the ludicrous.

Mr. Wildermann restored a good deal of dramatic credibility to Alvise; it is a pleasure to watch him grow into one of the most valuable and dependable members of the roster. Other members of the cast have been heard in their roles before, and it remains only to report that they were all in good shape. It was a decidedly good night at the Metropolitan.

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