[Met Performance] CID:186990

Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, January 30, 1961

In English

Alceste (16)
Christoph Willibald Gluck | Ranieri de' Calzabigi/François-Louis Grand Le Bland Du Roullet/Gossec
Eileen Farrell

Brian Sullivan [Last performance]

High Priest
Calvin Marsh

Robert Nagy

Louis Sgarro

Leader of the People
Charles Anthony

Leader of the People
Norman Scott

Leader of the People
Teresa Stratas

Leader of the People
Joan Wall

Wally Adams

Pina Bausch

Jeremy Blanton

Edith Jerell

Nancy King

Bruce Marks

Richard Zelens

Erich Leinsdorf

Review 1:

Review of Michael Sonino in Musical America
This performance marked the first time that Calvin Marsh sang the role of the High Priest (due to the indisposition of the scheduled Walter Cassel) and Louis Sgarro that of the Herald. It was also Brian Sullivan's first Admetus of the current season.

The opulence of Miss Farrell's voice and the artistry of Mr. Marsh's singing and diction were the consolations of this performance. In fact, except for the Leaders of the People, the High Priest was the only member of the cast who could be understood. The voice is perhaps a bit small and lacks the authority needed for the role, but it was done in taste. Mr. Sullivan's Admetus did not find him in good form. There is not much in the way of characterization that can be done with this part, but there is no reason for treating Admetus as though he were an 18th-century Radames.

The Orchestra under Mr. Leinsdorf did not fare too well either, especially the brasses, which at times seemed to be out of control. The usual Monday night audience spent the entire first act in arriving and the last act in leaving or preparing to leave. All in all, if one tenth of the care that was lavished on last week's Martha had gone into the present performance of Alcestis it would have been a respectable performance.

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