[Met Performance] CID:186820

Don Giovanni
Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, January 14, 1961 Matinee Broadcast

Don Giovanni (222)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Lorenzo Da Ponte
Don Giovanni
Cesare Siepi

Donna Anna
Eleanor Steber

Don Ottavio
Nicolai Gedda

Donna Elvira
Lisa Della Casa

Fernando Corena

Laurel Hurley

Theodor Uppman

William Wilderman

Erich Leinsdorf

Herbert Graf

Eugene Berman

Zachary Solov

Stage Director
Patrick Tavernia

Don Giovanni received five performances this season.

Review 1:

Review of John Ardoin in the February 1961 issue of Musical America

After the unveiling of the questionable sets this season for "Nabucco" and "Alcestis," it was a joy to see Eugene Berman's magnificent "Don Giovanni" sets and costumes again. These continue to be a high point of any performance.

The outstanding member of the cast at the first performance of the season was Lisa Della Casa. She is a true Mozartean, and sang Elvira's music with the highest intelligence and taste. She is entirely convincing in the part, and one wonders how Don Giovanni could have abandoned so beautiful a woman!

The role of Donna Anna taxed Eleanor Steber's voice heavily on this occasion. Absent were her usual miraculous breath control and her freedom in the soaring phrases needed for the role.

Laurel Hurley was her usual pert self as Zerlina, but her singing was routine. The men of the afternoon were excellent. How perfectly matched are Cesare Siepi and Fernando Corena as master and servant! Each is a master of secco recitative. Nicolai Gedda brought high musicianship and dignity to the role of Don Ottavio, while Theodor Uppman sang well, but was too foppish to he entirely satisfying Masetto. William Wilderman completed the cast as a sonorous Cornmendatore.

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