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Metropolitan Opera House, Wed, November 9, 1960

Zachary Solov received credit for choreography throughout the season,sharing it with Mattlyn Gavers beginning April 14.

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Review of Francis D. Perkins in the New York Herald Tribune

Miss Curtis-Verna Sings Aida At the Met

With a different Aida, Mary Curtis-Verna, Verdi's work of that title had its second performance of the season Wednesday night at the Metropolitan Opera House where, except for William Wilderman as Ramfis, the rest of the cast consisted of the singers who had sung their roles four days previously.

Miss Curtis-Verna, who has sung Aida several times during the last three seasons, presented the role with a general emotional effectiveness which was apparent both from a vocal and a visual standpoint. Her singing did not always represent the resources of her basically noteworthy voice at their best, what with an occasion opaqueness and slight unsteadiness in her middle and lower notes. But yet her singing had a good range of color; outspoken measures, if not always tonally impeccable, were dramatically effective, while softer high notes were particularly appealing, and the aria "O patria mia" was presented with persuasive nostalgic poignance.

Mr. Wildermann's voice and demeanor were well suited to the role of Ramfis, which he interpreted with authoritative dignity. Giuilietta Simionato repeated her vivid characterization of Amneris. Carlo Bergonzi sang with generous fervor as Radames, and Anselmo Colzani was again a vigorously convincing Amonasro. Louis Sgarro as the king, and Mignon Dunn and Robert Nagy in minor roles competed the roster of a performance which, like its predecessor, was admirably conducted by Nino Verchi.

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