[Met Performance] CID:184480

Andrea Chénier
Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, March 18, 1960

Andrea Chénier (89)
Umberto Giordano | Luigi Illica
Andrea Chénier
Richard Tucker

Maddalena de Coigny
Renata Tebaldi

Carlo Gérard
Ettore Bastianini

Margaret Roggero

Countess di Coigny
Martha Lipton

Gabor Carelli

George Cehanovsky

Alessio De Paolis

Frank Valentino

Ezio Flagello

Belén Amparan

Osie Hawkins

Fouquier Tinville
Norman Scott

Calvin Marsh

Lloyd Strang

Fausto Cleva

Review 1:

Review of Robert Sabin in Musical America
A hair-raising performance of Giordano's admirable virtuoso vehicle was the result of the first appearances this season of Renata Tebaldi as Maddalena, and of Richard Tucker in the title role. Both of these artists have the superb, ringing voices, the operatic flair and the grand manner which can turn this music into one exciting moment after another.

Miss Tebaldi broke our hearts with "La mamma morta" and Mr. Tucker's "Improvviso" made it plain that we were going to have an evening of transcendent singing. The death scene left the whole house delirious – I have never heard it more soaringly and impetuously delivered.

As if inspired by the example of the two newcomers, the entire cast was in top form. Ettore Bastianini's singing as Gerard was of the order of Miss Tebaldi's and Mr. Tucker's — and all the others deserve highest praise; especially Margaret Roggero (La Bersi) and Belen Amparan (Madelon). Fausto Cleva again conducted.

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