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Tristan und Isolde
Metropolitan Opera House, Wed, December 23, 1959

Tristan und Isolde (369)
Richard Wagner | Richard Wagner
Ramon Vinay

Birgit Nilsson

Walter Cassel

Irene Dalis

King Marke
Jerome Hines

Calvin Marsh

Sailor's Voice
Charles Anthony

Paul Franke

Louis Sgarro

Karl Böhm

Review 1:

Review of John Ardoin in Musical America
Ramon Vinay made his first appearance of the season as Tristan at this performance. Mr. Vinay had been scheduled to sing the role at the first performance of this new production, but was unable to do so, due to illness. His voice was solid and sure throughout and it soared with a dark-hued bigness in the third act in moments like "Isolde kommt, Isolde naht!" The second act, "0 Kong, dass kann ich dir nicht sagen" and parts of the "Liebesnacht" were delivered in a manner which showed Mr. Vinay's ability to sing a marvelous sustained legato. He was uncomfortable in the first act finale and his second act entrance, but his singing of the third act was memorable.

Birgit Nilsson again gave a glowing and superb performance as Isolde: The remainder of the cast included Jerome Hines, Walter Cassel, Irene Dalis, Calvin Marsh, Louis Sgarro, Paul Franke, "and Charles Anthony. Karl Boehm conducted.

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