[Met Performance] CID:183560

Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, December 19, 1959

Review 1:

Review of Rafael Kamerer in Musical America
Although this performance of "Aida" got off to a lukewarm, sluggish start, it gained momentum and interest as it progressed. Particularly-notable was the fine impression created by Cornell MacNeil in the role of Amonasro, which he sang for the first time at the Metropolitan. In the singing and acting, the baritone's portrayal was both imposing and subtly inflected. Mr. MacNeil used his big, powerful, and richly matured voice to excellent advantage, singing with beautifully modulated "mezzo-voce" tones as well as sonorous power where required.

Mary Curtis-Verna and Regina Resnik made their first appearances of the season as Aida and Amneris. Neither was in top vocal form, yet both gave convincing characterizations. Miss Curtis-Verna moved about the stage with the ease and grace befitting a slave of noble birth, while Miss Resnik was every inch the love-distraught princess. In the final scene, the mezzo-soprano rose to the occasion, let her voice soar above the surging orchestra, crept up and down the stairs with convincing agony, and gave a performance that was as sympathetic as it was emotionally taut and compelling. Miss Curtis-Verna, on the other hand, did her best singing in Act III where she was in complete control of her vocal resources.

Others in the cast were Louis Sgarro, Dimiter Uzunov, William Wildermann, Robert Nagy and Helen Vanni. Fausto Cleva conducted.

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