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Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, November 11, 1957

Review 1:

Francis D. Perkins in the Herald Tribune
“Faust” At the Met

Victoria de los Angeles sang Marguerite for the first time here in two seasons in last night's repetition of Gounod's “Faust" at the Metropolitan Opera House. The Spanish soprano’s interpretation was vocally gratifying; apart from a few slightly less meritorious moments, her singing had its customary clarity of tone and command of fine shading of volume and appealing color, combined with discerning musicianship.

For a time her characterization, while aware of expressive detail, carried poise almost to the point of reserve; the Jewel Song was performed with taste, but a touch more of sparkle and surprised delight could have been added. But, with her luminously uttered proclamation, "Il m'aime!" the emotional temperature and dramatic conviction gained notably, giving a sense of identification between the role and the artist.

The other principals were those of this season's two previous performances, including Nicolai Gedda in, an expertly sung, dramatically credible impersonation of Faust. Jerome Hines as an effective Mephistopheles, Mildred Miller as Siebel, and Frank Guarrera as Valentin. Thelma Votipka and Calvin Marsh completed the cast under Jean-Morel's conductorship.

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