[Met Performance] CID:174440

La Gioconda
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, March 18, 1957

Review 1:


Miss Resnik did some truly imposing vocal work. Her sure tones in this part, the definition of her musical line and its drama, her appearance and her deportment all affirmed the lady's excellent operatic gifts. She was given quite an ovation at the conclusion of "Stella del Marinar."

R. B.

New York Herald tribune

If Mr. Poggi's singing were always at the level of his best efforts, he would have few serious rivals in the world of tenors today. Occasionally his singing is spoiled by a muffled, constricted quality that robs the tone of its luster. On the whole, however, Mr. Poggi is a fresh-voiced, appealing vocalist, and generally resists the temptation to shout, which is the besetting sin of Metropolitan singers.

J. B.

New York Times

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