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Metropolitan Opera House, Wed, February 8, 1956

Review 1:

Review of R. B. in the Herald Tribune

Jean Madeira In Met's 'Aida'

The Metropolitan replacement corps (whose personnel consist of virtually everybody) was in the action for Wednesday night's "Aida." Herva Nelli and Robert Merrill took over the roles of the indisposed Zinka Milanov and Ettore Bastianini, respectively. There were two seasonal newcomers in the cast - Jean Madeira, as the Amneris and Luben Vichey, the Ramfis. The others were Kurt Baum, Louis Sgarro, Shakeh Vartenissian and James McCracken. Fausto Cleva conducted.

Miss Madeira, fresh from European triumphs, made a stunning Egyptian princess. Beautifully costumed, impressively regal in her bearing, she sang the lines with a certain Verdian thrust. To the ears of this reviewer some of the lady's upper tones sounded thin, and at least once she dropped one in a hurry - without untoward event. Generally, though, the mezzo-soprano brought dramatic force into her work, especially in Scene I of Act II, where she tricks Aida into confessing her passion for Radames. As for Mr. Vichey, he gave to Ramfis a wealth of noble tones.

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