[Met Performance] CID:170800

Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, February 3, 1956

Rigoletto (360)
Giuseppe Verdi | Francesco Maria Piave
Frank Guarrera

Lily Pons

Duke of Mantua
Richard Tucker

Sandra Warfield

Nicola Moscona

Louis Sgarro

Gabor Carelli

Clifford Harvuot

Count Ceprano
George Cehanovsky

Countess Ceprano
Maria Leone

Thelma Votipka

Vilma Georgiou

Calvin Marsh

Pietro Cimara

Review 1:

Review of Francis D. Perkins in the Herald Tribune

"Rigoletto" Sung at Met

Verdi's "Rigoletto" had a new interpreter of the title role last night at the Metropolitan Opera House, but not the one originally announced, since Frank Guarrera replaced the still indisposed Ettore Bastianini as the tragic jester. A second major change brought Richard Tucker instead of Jan Peerce to the role of the Duke, while Lily Pons, as scheduled, sang her first Gilda of the season.

Mr. Guarrera, who had sung Rigoletto in his native Philadelphia, although not here, performed this exacting assignment with musical and dramatic intelligence and discernment. His voice, well produced apart from a few less clearly sung measures, reflected the wide ranging emotions of the music, with particular expressive force in his denunciation of the courtiers; visually his impersonation was true to the character, while it had its individual points. If his Rigoletto left a little room for further development, this was to be expected.

Miss Pons' Gilda, sung with usual while not invariable clarity of tone, had its customary persuasive appeal; "Caro nome" was presented with musicianship and accuracy of pitch. Mr. Tucker was in fine voice: Nicola Moscona fared commendably as Sparafucile and Louis Sgarro's first Metropolitan appearance as Monterone showed intelligence and understanding, while also a need for more minatory power in his first act curse. Sandra Warfield sang Maddalena, with Thelma Votipka, Maria Leone, Vilma Georgiou and Messrs. Harvuot, Carelli, Cehanovsky and Marsh completing the cast under Pietro Cimara's conductorship.

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