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Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, December 30, 1955

Review 1:

Review of Jay S. Harrison in the Herald Tr4ibune

Cast Changes in Met's 'Tosca'

Puccini's "Tosca," repeated last night at the Metropolitan Opera, brought with it some important cast jugglings in the persons of Giuseppe Campora and Lorenzo Alvary, who sang their first Cavaradossi and Angelotti of the season. Other singers included Renata Tebaldi as Tosca, Leonard Warren as Scarpia, Salvatore Baccaloni as the Sacristan and Alessio De Paolis as Spoletta. Dimitri Mitropoulos was again the conductor.

When this reviewer heard Mr. Campora last year he found him somewhat lusterless, somewhat lacking in power and command. Now, if his present Cavaradossi is a reliable indication, all that has changed. The tenor has adapted himself to the acoustics of the hall, cast off his fears concerning its vastness and in general lubricated those physical kinks that had previously kept him rigid as an obelisk.

On this occasion his singing was free, pure, bathed in color and possessed of an aged briar mellowness. Even though his voice is not large, a fact accentuated last night by its combination with Miss Tebaldi's grandiose soprano, it is a sturdy, supple instrument, sweet and sure and sonorous. As a result, his portrayal of Cavaradossi grew to life-size vocal proportions.

As always, Mr. Alvary's impersonation of Angelotti was both dramatically convincing and ably sung. In his hands, the minor role is minor only in length.

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