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Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, March 18, 1955

Review 1:

Review signed R. A. E. in Musical America

Giulio Gari made an unexpected appearance as Radames in this performance - his first in the rôle at the Metropolitan - replacing the indisposed Kurt Baum. Mr. Gari had previously sung the role here with the New York City Opera. If the tenor's voice was a shade small for the house in this particular score, Mr. Gari never made the mistake of trying to force it beyond its natural capacities. His singing had a creditable ease and warmth, particularly in the early "Celeste Aida." and took on considerable dramatic accent in the Nile scene. At all times the phrasing was idiomatic. It represented some of the best work contributed by Mr. Gari since he moved downtown to the 39th Street opera house.

Herva Nelli's Aida, beautiful of voice, earnest in intention, variable in achievement, was more often better than not, with many phrases of floating loveliness. Nell Rankin's Amneris showed advances over previous performances, more strongly outlined both in acting and singing. The luxurious voices of Ettore Bastianini,as Amonasro, and Jerome Hines, as Ramfis, gave a decided lift to the performance, in which Luben Vichey (the King), James McCracken (the Messenger), and Margaret Roggero (the Priestess) also took part. Fausto Cleva conducted.

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