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Don Carlo
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, December 27, 1954

In Italian

Don Carlo (39)
Giuseppe Verdi | François Joseph Méry/Camille du Locle list Italian text as translators?
Don Carlo
Richard Tucker

Elizabeth of Valois
Delia Rigal

Robert Merrill

Princess Eboli
Blanche Thebom

Philip II
Jerome Hines

Grand Inquisitor
Paul Schöffler

Celestial Voice
Shakeh Vartenissian

Louis Sgarro

Vilma Georgiou

Count of Lerma
Charles Anthony

Countess of Aremberg
Natalie Kelepovska

Gabor Carelli

Fritz Stiedry

Review 1:

Review signed R. A. E. in Musical America

With this performance, Delia Rigal returned to the role of Elizabeth of Valois, which she had recreated for the revival of "Don Carlo" in 1950 and in which she made her Metropolitan debut. Eleanor Steber was originally listed to sing the part, but became indisposed, and Miss Rigal replaced her at the last moment. Since she had sung it often, Miss Rigal knew her role thoroughly, but the unscheduled nature of her appearance probably accounted for a certain cautiousness in movement and singing that had not been characteristic of her performance in the past. Beyond that, the portrayal was as striking as ever, physically beautiful, royally tragic in demeanor. Miss Rigal has made notable strides in her vocalism, and her singing this night was almost consistently smooth, without any of the tones flying out of focus. Her phrasing had lost none of its spaciousness, and in her great last-act scene she sang with the nobility and emotion that is so stirring.

Jerome Hines sang his first Philip of the season. It is one of his best roles; his characterization has increased steadily in depth of understanding, and his beautiful voice is at its most resplendent in this music. His singing of "Ella giammai m'amo" had a deservedly enthusiastic reception.

Others in the cast were Richard Tucker (Carlo), Robert Merrill (Rodrigo), Paul Schoeffler (Grand Inquisitor), Louis Sgarro (Friar), Blanche Thebom (Eboli), and Villa Georgiou (Theobald). Fritz Stiedry's conducting had its customary thoughtfulness, and he built the scene before the cathedral into a more satisfactory climax than usual.

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