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Don Carlo
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, March 24, 1952

In Italian

Don Carlo (31)
Giuseppe Verdi | François Joseph Méry/Camille du Locle list Italian text as translators?
Don Carlo
Jussi Björling

Elizabeth of Valois
Delia Rigal

Paolo Silveri

Princess Eboli
Fedora Barbieri

Philip II
Cesare Siepi

Grand Inquisitor
Hans Hotter

Celestial Voice
Lucine Amara

Luben Vichey

Anne Bollinger

Count of Lerma
Paul Franke

Countess of Aremberg
Tilda Morse

Emery Darcy

Fritz Stiedry

Review 1:

Review of Cecil Smith in Musical America

Verdi's "Don Carlo" was repeated with the cast that had sung it for the first time this season on March 21. Jerome Hines, originally listed as the Grand Inquisitor, continued to be ill, and Hans Hotter again contributed his characterization, one of the towering creations to be seen on the Metropolitan stage. Delia Rigal had a wonderful evening, singing as she never has before in all her North American career. The earlier unsteadiness was entirely gone. She sang with unmarred line, and for the first time her tones in the middle range came to life with a gleaming, warm vibrato. With her lovely voice at long last in unexceptionable operating condition she seemed truly, as many of us have felt her to be potentially, a great and eloquent Verdi singer. If she retains the vocal gains she has made in the past three months she will soon be widely recognized as one of the brightest ornaments of the Metropolitan roster. Certainly such eloquent, musicianly, and queenly performances as the one she gave on this occasion are rare in any opera house.

Both Fritz Stiedry, who conducted and his whole cast were at their best, except perhaps for Jussi Bjoerling, who began the evening handsomely but sounded tired in the last act. Familiar, and in most cases estimable, contributions were made by Fedora Barbieri, Cesare Siepi, Paolo Silveri, Lubomir Vichegonov, Anne Bollinger, Paul Franke, Emery Darcy, Lucine Amara, and Tilda Morse.

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