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Don Carlo
Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, December 2, 1950

In Italian

Don Carlo (21)
Giuseppe Verdi | François Joseph Méry/Camille du Locle list Italian text as translators?
Don Carlo
Richard Tucker

Elizabeth of Valois
Eleanor Steber

Robert Merrill

Princess Eboli
Fedora Barbieri

Philip II
Cesare Siepi

Grand Inquisitor
Jerome Hines

Celestial Voice
Lucine Amara

Luben Vichey

Anne Bollinger

Count of Lerma
Paul Franke

Countess of Aremberg
Tilda Morse

Emery Darcy

Fritz Stiedry

Photograph of Richard Tucker in the title role of Don Carlo.

Review 1:

Herbert D. Peyser in the Herald Tribune

“Don Carlo” at Met


Saturday night’s performance of “Don Carlo,” following “La Traviata” in a day devoted to Verdi’s works at the Metropolitan Opera House, had two principals who were singing their roles for the first time here. Eleanor Steber’s impersonation of Elizabeth of Valois, attractive to the eye, varied to some extent in vocal clarity and firmness, although the basic tone quality was appealing. Her best singing, particularly in the aria “Tu che le vanita” in the last act, was ingratiating in timbre and texture and well phrased. Richard Tucker, as Don Carlo, sang with some vocal unevenness in the first act, but thenceforth his singing was marked by his customary laudable vocal standard.


The other members of the cast had been heard in previous performances of “Don Carlo” this fall. Fedora Barbieri as the Princess of Eboli, sang “O don fatale” vividly and dramatically. Cesare Siepi was the King; Robert Merrill, in good voice, was Rodrigo, and Jerome Hines, the Grand Inquisitor. Fritz Stiedry again conducted.

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