[Met Performance] CID:152250

Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, December 17, 1949

Rigoletto (295)
Giuseppe Verdi | Francesco Maria Piave
Enzo Mascherini

Erna Berger

Duke of Mantua
Jan Peerce

Martha Lipton

Dezsö Ernster

Clifford Harvuot

Paul Franke

George Cehanovsky

Count Ceprano
Denis Harbour

Countess Ceprano
Inge Manski

Thelma Altman

Pietro Cimara

Review 1:

Irving Kolodin in the Sun

Mascherini Sings First Rigoletto


Without Jonel Perlea as conductor, or Richard Tucker and Leonard Warren in the cast, Saturday night’s “Rigoletto” was a dimmer, duller affair than the admired one of the week before. The absence of Perlea was a consequence of the afternoon “Tristan,” which he conducted as impressively as before. As Rigoletto, Enzo Mascherini was either having a bad night, vocally, or was engaging a task too heavy for his resources in this big house. It was mostly hoarse, strained singing, without more than conventional drama, and too little resource for the climaxes. Jan Peerce’s Duke was earnestly conveyed, but this voice is beginning to show the wear of hard use. In consequence, the evening was saved by Erna Berger’s ear-caressing finely-turned Gilda which every lover of skillful florid singing should have. Italian opera is in a bad way here when the best work comes from a woman born in Dresden! Pietro Cimara conducted as if in a hurry to get over with the whole thing.

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