[Met Performance] CID:149680

Peter Grimes
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, January 31, 1949

Peter Grimes (8)
Benjamin Britten | Montagu Slater
Peter Grimes
Brian Sullivan

Ellen Orford
Polyna Stoska

Captain Balstrode
Lawrence Tibbett

Mrs. Sedley
Martha Lipton

Jean Madeira

Paula Lenchner

Inge Manski

Philip Kinsman

Jerome Hines

Bob Boles
Thomas Hayward

Rev. Horace Adams
John Garris

Ned Keene
Hugh Thompson

Anthony Marlowe

Thelma Altman

Lawrence Davidson

Matthew Vittucci

Peggy Smithers

Emil Cooper

Review 1:

Review of Quaintance Eaton in Musical America

The first repetition of Britten's opera found essentially the same cast as that of Jan. 21 performance in fine fettle, singing admirably throughout. Only one change of cast was listed (in addition to Inge Manski who substituted at the last moment for Maxine Stellman as one of the Nieces) - Jean Browning Madeira, in place of Margaret Harshaw, in the role of Auntie. Her rich-textured voice came through very well in her song in the Inn, and she had the vocal weight for the quartet at the close of the second act. The performance as a whole had gained in clarity, though more rhythmic incisiveness could be attained from the orchestra pit. The principals included Polyna Stoska as Ellen, Brian Sullivan as Peter Grimes, and Lawrence Tibbett as Captain Balstrode. Emil Cooper again conducted.

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