[Met Performance] CID:149650

Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, January 28, 1949

Rigoletto (289)
Giuseppe Verdi | Francesco Maria Piave
Lawrence Tibbett

Nadine Conner

Duke of Mantua
Giuseppe Di Stefano

Lucielle Browning

Dezsö Ernster

Kenneth Schon

Leslie Chabay

George Cehanovsky

Count Ceprano
Clifford Harvuot

Countess Ceprano
Inge Manski

Jean Madeira

Pietro Cimara

Review 1:

Review of James Hinton Jr. in the Musical America issue of February 1949

In this fifth repetition, Lawrence Tibbett, singing his second Rigoletto of the season, brought freshly to mind what a really remarkable singing actor he is. His conception was in every way complete, and his projection of the content of the jester's character was magnificent. Whether the facet he was examining was that of buffoon, father, or avenger, his phrasing and his movement were an education in the craft of the stage.

Nadine Conner made her first appearance of the season in the part of Gilda, and gave a performance that was always sympathetic and generally secure vocally. The warmth and body of the tones in her middle register were particularly welcome in the duets in the second act and in "Tutte le feste," in the third act, where the balances were practically perfect. Giuseppe Di Stefano, as the Duke, sang with the richness of tone and the stylistic superiority that have come to be expected of him in the part; his "Parmi veder le lagrime" was especially beautiful.

Dezso Ernster sang his first Sparafucile at the Metropolitan, and contributed a sinister appearance and a correct reading of the notes. Inge Manski sang two parts-taking over the role of the Countess Ceprano from Maxine Stellman, who was indisposed, and making her first appearance as the Page in the third act. She sang the music of both with aplomb, and looked stunning in both costumes. Jean Browning-Madeira, also singing her part for the first time, was a creditable Giovanna. Lucielle Browning was the Maddalena. The rest of the cast included Kenneth Schon, George Cehanovsky, Clifford Harvuot, and Leslie Chabay. Pietro Cimara conducted as before.

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