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La Gioconda
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, December 18, 1947

La Gioconda received five performances this season.

Review 1:

Review of "J" in the January 1, 1948 issue of Musical America

Ponchielli's "La Gioconda" in its first appearance of the season, although in part well sung, seemed to suffer from many of the same blemishes which have been chronic in so many of the year's performances. As Gioconda, Daniza Ilitsch, who should be granted some measure of indulgence for singing the title role here for the first time, although the possessor of a laudable vocal endowment, occasionally marred her delivery of the taxing music with faulty intonation and a labored delivery. Rise Stevens, whose Laura was a delight to the eye, did not provide her full and accustomed measure of aural charm and La Cieca of Margaret Harshaw was portrayed with an admixture of fine singing and occasional vagaries of pitch.

The brighter aspect of the performance devolved upon Leonard Warren and Richard Tucker whose splendid vocal resources were unimpaired at this performance. Mr. Warren, as the crafty Barnaba, sang with all of his accustomed massive resonance and an ever heightening sense of theatre, while the Enzo Grimaldo of Richard Tucker, in which he made his debut, was projected on a rare plane of excellence.

Giacomo Vaghi was a distinguished Alvise and others in the cast included Osie Hawkins, Lawrence Davidson, Leslie Chabay, Lodovico Oliviero, Philip Kinsman and John Baker. Emil Cooper conducted.

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