[Met Performance] CID:146320

Il Trovatore
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, December 11, 1947

Il Trovatore (235)
Giuseppe Verdi | Salvatore Cammarano
Kurt Baum

Daniza Ilitsch

Count Di Luna
Robert Merrill

Cloe Elmo

Giacomo Vaghi

Inge Manski

Lodovico Oliviero

John Baker

Emil Cooper

Review 1:

Review of "J" in the January 1, 1948 issue of Musical America

The season's third performance of "Il Trovatore" was presented with two major changes in the cast. Robert Merrill was heard as Count di Luna for the first time at the Metropolitan and Daniza Ilitsch sang her first Leonora of the season.

Mr. Merrill, the owner of a voice whose opulence needs little comment, invested his role with great tonal warmth, although his stage bearing was at times a little stiff. But given time, it should become an exceptional characterization.

The Leonora of Daniza Ilitsch was also the product of a richly endowed voice, but one which has an occasional tendency towards unevenness. But even these minor blemishes did little to detract from a good portrayal.

Cloe Elmo was again hailed by the audience for her Azucena, and Kurt Baum repeated his well-known characterization of Manrico. Others in the familiar cast included Giacomo Vaghi, Inge Manski, Lodovico Oliviero and John Baker. Emil Cooper conducted.

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