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New Production

Il Tabarro
Don Pasquale
Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, January 5, 1946 Matinee Broadcast

Debut : Dino Yannopoulos

Il Tabarro (12)
Giacomo Puccini | Giuseppe Adami
Licia Albanese

Frederick Jagel

Lawrence Tibbett

Margaret Harshaw

Virgilio Lazzari

Alessio De Paolis

Song Seller
Anthony Marlowe

Maxine Stellman

Thomas Hayward

Cesare Sodero

Dino Yannopoulos [Debut]

Set Designer
Joseph Novak

Don Pasquale (38)
Gaetano Donizetti | Giovanni Ruffini
Don Pasquale
Salvatore Baccaloni

Bidú Sayão

Nino Martini

Dr. Malatesta
John Brownlee

Alessio De Paolis

Fritz Busch

Désiré Defrère

Jonel Jorgulesco

Il Tabarro received four performances this season.
Don Pasquale received four performances this season.

Review 1:

Review of Virgil Thomson in The New York Herald Tribune

Puccini's one act opera, "Il Tabarro," which was produced yesterday afternoon at the Metropolitan Opera House for the first time since 1920, is a lugubrious little story about a sex triangle on a canal boat.

The music is pretty, though like all the music of Puccini's later years a little skimpily harmonized. Its atmospheric passages are genuinely atmospheric, too. They don't evoke anything in particular, but they are good for suggesting any scene that is painted on the backdrop. And the people have the standard Puccini life, chiefly a state of howling self-pity.

["Il Tabarro's"] density, I should say is about that of "The Girl of the Golden West." Which is to say that there are lovely moments in it but that there are also thin spots. Yesterday, at the end, the effects of terror and pity, which are the only criteria for judging such a melodrama, seemed not very prevalent in the house. Your reporter neither witnessed tears nor felt any milling in his breast.

The vocal rendering of the work was adequate, though at no point thrilling. The orchestra leadership and general pacing was clear. The acting was mostly a bit stiff. A worthy performance only.

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