[Met Performance] CID:128120

La Bohème
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, February 22, 1940

La Bohème (344)
Giacomo Puccini | Luigi Illica/Giuseppe Giacosa
Licia Albanese

Nino Martini

Annamary Dickey

Giuseppe De Luca

George Cehanovsky

Virgilio Lazzari

Louis D'Angelo

Lodovico Oliviero

Carlo Coscia

Gennaro Papi

Review 1:

Review of Jerome D. Bohm in the Herald Tribune

Licia Albanese Is Heard First Time Here as Mimi

Nino Martini Sings Rodolfo in Metropolitan's "Bohème"

Licia Albanese was heard for the first time here as Mimi in last night's repetition of Puccini's "Bohème" at the Metropolitan Opera House. The evening's schedule permitted a hearing of only the third act, which contains a goodly portion of the music allotted to Mimi. Miss Albanese sang her duets with Rodolfo and Marcello expressively and gave a competent account of the "Addio," but her voice is rather small and wanting in color, so that her impersonation, while enacted unaffectedly and sympathetically, was only partially satisfying. Nino Martini, who sang the part of Rodolfo for the first time this season, also has a small voice, so that the performance sometimes assumed miniature proportions.

The cast was otherwise a familiar one with Giuseppe De Luca as Marcello, Virgilio Lazzari as Colline, George Cehanovsky as Schaunard, Annamary Dickey as Musetta, and Messrs d'Angelo, Oliviero and Coscia in the less weighty parts. Gennaro Papi conducted to the obvious pleasure of a good sized audience.

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