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Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, February 9, 1939

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Last 'Otello" of Season is Heard

The fourth and last performance of Verdi's "Otello" this season brought an enthusiastic audience to the Metropolitan Opera House on the evening of Feb. 9. Giovanni Martinelli again took the rôle of the Moor, of which he has greatly increased the effectiveness by eliminating some melodramatic touches originally included in his interpretation. On this occasion, his sincerity and intensity of conception were deeply moving, as was Irene Jessner's skillful portrayal of Desdemona. Carlo Tagliabue's able singing was unfortunately not matched by dramatic comprehension of the rôle, for his Iago was spiteful rather than malevolent, and lacked the dignity of the Shakespearian conception. Lesser roles were taken by Nicola Moscona, Thelma Votipka, Nicholas Massue, Giordano Paltrinieri, George Cehanovsky and Wilfred Engelman. Ettore Panizza conducted a vigorous and stirring, though sometimes over-rough, performance. The audience left no doubt of its affection for this operatic masterpiece and its enthusiasm rivaled that of earlier ones.

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