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Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, March 18, 1938

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Review of Irving Kolodin in the Sun

Tagliabue Sings Iago in "Otello"

One of the Metropolitan's notable achievements of the present season became the historical fact with the eighth and last performance of "Otello" last night. Originally regarded as something of a speculative venture, this revival amassed a total of performances second only to "Tristan" in the season's record and maintained its popularity to the end, if last night's large audience could be accepted as a criterion.

The Otello was again, Giovanni Martinelli, making his first appearance since the ill-fated Radames on March 5. Also, it marked the completion of the singer's twenty-fifth consecutive year of activity with the company, a record that will be formally celebrated tomorrow night. There has been more ring and vibrance in Mr. Martinelli's voice at earlier "Otello"s this season, but it was nevertheless singing of zest and impact that he delivered, impressive in its authority and dramatic vitality.

Otherwise the event of the evening was the first appearance of Carlo Tagliabue as Iago, succeeding in the role which has been Lawrence Tibbett's in earlier performances. This was easily Mr. Tagliabue's most substantial accomplishment of the season, though he lacks the physical stature to make a really formidable villain of this character. But the role was soundly vocalized, the darkness of his voice complementing the sense of the part well. Also the fury of the "Credo" was believably personal, a trait not always evident in Mr. Tagliabue's other roles. Irene Jessner was the comely and capable Desdemona, with Nicholas Massue as Cassio and Nicola Moscona as Lodvico. Ettore Panizza led the vigorous and smoothly integrated performance.

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