[Met Performance] CID:122690

La Traviata
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, January 24, 1938

La Traviata (222)
Giuseppe Verdi | Francesco Maria Piave
Eidé Norena

Bruno Landi

Lawrence Tibbett

Thelma Votipka

Angelo Badà

Baron Douphol
Wilfred Engelman

Marquis D'Obigny
George Cehanovsky

Dr. Grenvil
Norman Cordon

Lucielle Browning

Kyra Blank

Madeline Leweck

William Dollar

Josef Levinoff

Sergei Temoff

Ettore Panizza

Review 1:

Review of Pitts Sanborn in the World-Telegram

Big Audience Sees "La Traviata" at Met

A very large and demonstrative audience witnessed the repetition of "La Traviata" at the Metropolitan Opera House last evening. The occasion was further marked by the first appearance there this season of Eide Norena, as well as by Bruno Landi's only Alfredo there so far.

Mme. Norena, in resplendent raiment, made a gracious and sympathetic Violetta. In her voice there was more than a trace of the cold from which she has recently been suffering.

Still, though some phrases were consequently difficult for her, others she delivered with rare beauty, especially in mezza voce, and always she was the accomplished artist.

Mr. Landi when singing softly again commanded fine tone and phrased well. Of his full voice work less can be said in commendation.

Lawrence Tibbett as the elder Germont imparted dignity and feeling to a role that too often seems the embodiment of virtue robbed of grace. He was in good vocal condition and sang with excellent effect.

In less conspicuous roles Lucielle Browning (Annina) and Norman Cordon (Doctor Grenville) deserved particular mention.

Ettore Panizza conducted with his familiar understanding and authority.

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