[Met Performance] CID:121590

La Bohème
Metropolitan Opera House, Mon, May 10, 1937

Debut : Lucy Monroe

La Bohème (322)
Giacomo Puccini | Luigi Illica/Giuseppe Giacosa
Hilda Burke

Armand Tokatyan

Lucy Monroe [Debut] [Debut and only performance]

Carlo Morelli

George Cehanovsky

Norman Cordon

Louis D'Angelo

Lodovico Oliviero

Carlo Coscia

Gennaro Papi

Review 1:

Review of Pitts Sanborn in the World-Telegram

"La Bohème" at the Met a 2nd Time

New Singers Introduced at "Popular" Opera Performance

For a second time in the "popular" season "La Bohème" held the boards at the Metropolitan Opera House last evening. A large audience seemed to enjoy greatly what was offered.

The performance introduced to the Metropolitan public a young American soprano, Lucy Monroe, in the role of Musetta, besides providing in Mimi a new part so far as our town is concerned for Hilda Burke. There was also George Cehanovsky as Schaunard instead of Wilfred Engelman, who had sung the part last Wednesday.

Miss Monroe was pleasantly remembered from her appearance at the Hippodrome. She made a dynamic Musetta, fresh of voice, and gay in a vermilion bodice. The audience took to her immediately.

Mme. Burke was a fetchingly coquettish Mimi. Her voice had plenty of substance and she phrased her music with skill. Mr. Cehanovsky is always an acceptable Schaunard.

Once more Armand Tokatyan provided a plausible Rodolfo. Others conspicuous in the cast were again Carlo Morelli as Marcello, Norman Cordon as Colline and Louis d'Angelo to double Benoit and Alcindoro. Gennaro Papi conducted.

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