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La Bohème
Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, Brooklyn, Tue, March 16, 1937

La Bohème (319)
Giacomo Puccini | Luigi Illica/Giuseppe Giacosa
Franca Somigli

Charles Kullman

Stella Andreva

John Brownlee

George Cehanovsky

Virgilio Lazzari

Louis D'Angelo

Max Altglass

Carlo Coscia

Gennaro Papi

Review 1:

Review signed H. E. S. in the Brooklyn Times

Native Soprano in Debut Here

Brooklyn's 29th season of opera as presented by the Metropolitan Opera Association was concluded last night in the Academy of Music by the presentation of Puccini's "Bohème."

Two debutantes of the rapidly closing season were introduce to borough subscribers, Franca Somigli, American dramatic soprano, who was the Mimi, and John Brownlee, Australian baritone, who sang the role identified for so long with the late Antonio Scotti. Mr. Brownlee proved more acceptable to Brooklynites and added much of the interpretive touches of his distinguished predecessor as well as some innovations of his own devising.

Mme. Somigli, nee Clark, sang the role with more assurance than in its presentation last week in Manhattan, her upper tones being more under control and her impetuosity of interpretation being more under control. Vocally she benefited by the smaller auditorium.

Charles Kullman was the Rodolfo, the American tenor replacing the indisposed Mr. Martinelli, who sang the part in the Manhattan performance. Mr. Kullman likewise seemed to benefit from the smaller auditorium and proved a competent actor.

Other members of the fine cast under Mr. Papi's skillful direction were Mme. Andreva and Messrs. D'Angelo, Cehanovsky, Altglass and Lazzari.

Although it was the final opera, no announcement was made concerning next year's plans which according to report, provide for a slightly increased allotment.

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