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Cavalleria Rusticana
Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, Brooklyn, Tue, February 23, 1937

Review 1:

Review of B. H. Haggin the the Brooklyn Eagle

'Cavalleria - Pagliacci' Heard in Brooklyn

What is it that will lead a singer like Rosa Ponselle to turn her back on her great artistic achievements in "Norma," "Don Giovanni," "La Traviata," and find complete and happy artistic fulfillment in singing "The Rosary" on the radio and in rampaging about the stage as Carmen - that is beyond me. There was some hope this season that Miss Ponselle would return to the roles in which she has been badly missed; and was announced for the performance of "La Traviata" that was originally scheduled to be given by the Metropolitan at the Academy of Music last night. But she changed her mind and chose to appear in "Cavalleria Rusticana," which was given in a double bill with "Pagliacci," And thus what was to have been an occasion of artistic distinction ended up as an occasion of little artistic consequence.

This is to consider the occasion as art; but there are other ways of considering it; and the audience which occupied even part of the standing room seemed rather to be concerned with the presence of two favorite singers - Miss Ponselle in "Cavalleria" and Mr. Tibbett in "Pagliacci." Not only did it applaud them enthusiastically, but it also showed pleasure in the ringing tenor of Frederick Jagel, who substituted for Sydney Rayner as Turiddu in "Cavalleria," in the edged soprano of Hilda Burke, the Nedda in "Pagliacci," in the fine tenor which Arthur Carron abused in the role of Canio. Others in the "Cavalleria" were Helen Oelheim (Lola), Joseph Royer (Alfio), and Anna Kaskas (Lucia); in "Pagliacci" Giordano Paltrinieri (Beppe) and George Cehanovsky (Silvio). Gennaro Papi conducted ragged performances; and as usual aged scenery was used.

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