[Met Performance] CID:118470

Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, January 24, 1936

Review 1:

Review of Marcia Davenport in Stage

The reappearances of the favorites in the great roles were eagerly anticipated and rapturously received. Much impetus was lent to Lily Pons's return in "Lakmé" because, since she last sang it at the Metropolitan, millions of people have made its acquaintance in that peculiar hodgepodge of Hollywood art, "I Dream Too Much." Mademoiselle Pons promptly won admiring approval for herself from the severest critics of Metropolitan standards, Hollywood being in abeyance; for to everyone's pleased surprise she showed striking improvement over her singing of the past couple of years. Though her middle register is still so tiny as hardly to be heard in piano passages, the fireworks for which she is famous were not only intact, but were enhanced by particular care as to pitch, phrasing, and neatness, in which matters she has not always been up to her present standard. There is still no coloratura in the world - and we venture there will never be - who can make one's hair curl as the historical divas used to do, and meantime the whole dazzling burden rests on the tiny shoulders of Lily Pons.

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