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Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, November 7, 1930

Tosca received eight performances this season.

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Review of Grena Bennett in the American

At the Metropolitan, a "Tosca" hearing had the regrettable handicap of the indisposition of Antonio Scotti, cast for his traditional role of that polished villain, Baron Scarpia. The absentee was replaced by Giuseppe Denise. Those who know about such matters report that during his nearly thirty years of service with the Metropolitan Scotti had, previous to last evening, missed only one performance for which he was scheduled.

Mme Jeritza. not yet in her best voice this season, gave her usual intensive and intelligent version of the heroine and looked pictorially lovely. She made a new departure in her singing of the "Vissi d'Arte" by abandoning the time-honored divan, doing the delivery while kneeling beside Scarpia's table, and falling in a heap there at the conclusion of the song.

Giovanni Martinelli was the Mario, of ringing tone and impassioned acting. Somewhat more plump and not as mobile as the artist he was substituting, Giuseppe Danise gave a sufficiently malevolent portrayal of Scarpia and sang with well modulated voice and considerable feeling.

The rest of the cast was the familiar one with Vincenzo Bellezza conducting. A large audience proved by its response that "Tosca"' still exerts its spell of meaningful music.

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