[Met Performance] CID:104460

Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, February 13, 1930 Matinee

Lohengrin (372)
Richard Wagner | Richard Wagner
Walter Kirchhoff

Maria Jeritza

Karin Branzell

Friedrich Schorr

King Heinrich
Michael Bohnen

George Cehanovsky

Artur Bodanzky

Review 1:

Review of Oscar Thompson in Musical America

"Lohengrin," on Feb. 13, also conducted by Bodanzky, had similar shortcomings, [referencing "Meistersinger" of February 7] but was given pictorial zest by the highly draped impersonation of Elsa by Maria Jeritza, who sang her farewell for the season at this performance. The soprano's voice production was labored but her success apparently was not diminished thereby, as she was called before the curtain many times and finally responded to the display of enthusiasm with a few words of thanks. Mr. Schorr as Telramund and Karin Branzell as Ortrud were vocally convincing, though the former sang many of his phrases directly to his audience rather than to the stage parsonages. The Lohengrin of Walther Kirchoff was a caricature of that worthy: one humorous in appearance and vaunting long and loud high notes like a Canio or a Manrico. Michael Bohnen as the King and George Cehanovsky as the Herald completed the cast.

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