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American Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tue, December 10, 1929

Turandot received two performances this season.

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Review of Samuel L. Laciar in an unidentified Philadelphia newspaper


Puccini`s Last Opera Brilliantly Mounted by Metropolitan. Lauri-Volpi Shines

An exceedingly spectacular, beautifully staged, dramatically acted and moderately well-sung performance of Puccini's last opera "Turandot" was given last evening in the Academy by the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. The title role was taken by Mme. Maria Jeritza, who is the ideal Chinese Princess of Puccini's opera in appearance, general temperament, haughtiness and the other attributes demanded by the role, including the ability to handle unaided a garment, with a train some twenty feet in length, with an expertness which brought gasps of admiration from many of the feminine auditors.

Mme. Jeritza was apparently still suffering from the effects of the unfortunate stage accident in New York last Thursday evening, as shown by some lack of freedom in certain parts of the vocalization of the role, but her supreme dramatic ability carried out the many and trying histrionic effects with the same artistry which marked her initial appearance in this city two seasons ago. It was a splendid interpretation of a role which demands much under very difficult circumstances.

Lauri-Volpi Sings Well

The vocal honors of the opera went to Mr. Lauri-Volpi beyond any question. He was in superb voice and sang the several numbers which the composer has allotted to the tenor role - the finest musically of the entire opera - with a passion and a superlative interpretation that he has not equaled in this city previously. As a matter of fact, each of Mr. Lauri-Volpi's appearances in Philadelphia has shown a continuous improvement, both in vocalization and artistry. Last evening his dramatic efforts equaled his singing.

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