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Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, January 18, 1929

Review 1:

Review signed R. L. C. in the Telegraph


The great Princess Turandot again took possession of the stage last evening at the Metropolitan Opera House. The princess being none other than Maria Jeritza, the unknown prince, Calaf, played by Lauri-Volpi, again risked his head for the love of her.

How could "Turandot" ever be boring, even to those who do not care for the music? It is such a magnificent spectacle. Scenes which could well cause any theatrical producer to turn green with envy, costumes that are simply dazzling, and a whole stage full of the finest voices to be heard anywhere.

Both Madame Jeritza and Mr. Lauri-Volpi were in fine voice and spirit, and only at the end of the second act did they shout a bit, but not unpleasantly. Pavel Ludikar as the dethroned Tartar King, Timur, and Nannette Guilford as the young slave girl Liu, were more than ordinary support for the cast; they were living. Miss Guilford sang well despite evidence of a slight cold.

Mr. Serafin held a master hand over the orchestra, keeping it spirited throughout.

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