[Met Performance] CID:100910

Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, January 5, 1929 Matinee

Carmen (307)
Georges Bizet | Henri Meilhac/Ludovic Halévy
Maria Jeritza

Don José
Giovanni Martinelli

Queena Mario

Ezio Pinza

Charlotte Ryan

Dorothea Flexer

Angelo Badà

Millo Picco

Louis D'Angelo

George Cehanovsky

Rosina Galli

Giuseppe Bonfiglio

Louis Hasselmans

Wilhelm Von Wymetal

Joseph Urban

Costume Designer
Gretel Urban [Ballet only]

Carmen received six performances this season.

Review 1:

Review of W. J. Henderson in the New York Sun

"Carmen" was given at the Metropolitan Opera House Saturday afternoon for the first time this season and Mme. Jeritza was heard in the name part. She had lightened the color of her hair and darkened that of her voice. Both changes were for the better. It is not likely that this singer will ever quite realize her own hopes in this role. Her vocal equipment and her dramatic methods are not perfectly suited to it. But she has remodeled her impersonation. The employment of more somber tone lends a clearer significance to her delivery of the music. She sang Saturday with repression and with more variety of nuance and more simulation of passion than before.

Her action was far less boisterous and devoid of the sprawling which had disfigured it. There might have been more pictorial delineation to replace what had been abandoned. The singer might have learned one or two of the tricks of Spanish dancing, for instance. But her Saturday's Carmen was evidence of an earnest desire for improvement, and was a more artistic characterization than that which she launched upon a disappointed public before. And for this proof of her sincerity she must be heartily praised.

Mr. Martinelli was a lusty representative of Don José. Much of his singing was hard and inelastic, but there was an impressive note in his flower song, and energy in his despair. Mr. Pinza restored Escamillo to his true proportions. He sang with good voice with fine spirit and with meaning. He was gay, gallant, debonair and in love making seductive. There has not been such a competent Escamillo on the Metropolitan stage in many seasons.

Little need be said about the others. Miss, Bori had been promised for Micaela, but she was Indisposed, and Miss Mario, who had not Iong been off the "binnalcle list" herself, did the best she could in the circumstances. She had sung Mr. Strauss' high soaring Sophie the previous night. The minor parts were acceptably done, and the experienced chorus exhibited its customary solidity. Mr. Hassalmans conducted with good judgment.

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