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Metropolitan Opera House, Sat, December 1, 1928 Matinee

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First Appearance of American Tenor in 'Turandot' Wins Him Applause at Opera House

Replacing the usual Lauri-Volpi as the successful riddle-guessing tenor in "Turandot," Frederick Jagel assumed the role at the Metropolitan Opera House yesterday afternoon.

The American singer pitched his vocalization a few degrees below the intensity of his Italian predecessor, but nevertheless put convincing fervor into his tones and won the warm applause of his hearers. Jagel looked a romantic figure and acted every whit to his appearance. He was particularly effective in the second and third acts when the high register of his measures were negotiated with brilliancy and the necessary endurance.

Maria Jeritza was in excellent form and managed her many exacting passages with less of the sharp edge than has marked some of her previous appearances as the sanguinary princess who delights in the murder of her unsuccessful suitors.

As always, the Jeritza histrionics yesterday were picturesque and pulsing. Mario Basiola assumed the role of Ping, ordinarily taken by De Luca, and gave a good account of it in his smooth singing, and his keen sense of comedy. Martha Attwood was a suave-voiced and temperamental Liu, the slave girl.

Tullio Serafin conducted the glittering and somewhat blatant score with its meager simulation of Chinese musical atmosphere.

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