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L'Amore dei Tre Re
Metropolitan Opera House, Thu, February 2, 1928

L'Amore dei Tre Re (46)
Italo Montemezzi | Sem Benelli
Lucrezia Bori

Giovanni Martinelli

Giuseppe Danise

Ezio Pinza

Angelo Badà

Mary Bonetti

Young Woman
Mildred Parisette

Old Woman
Dorothea Flexer

Giordano Paltrinieri

Tullio Serafin

Samuel Thewman

Set Designer
Mario Sala

Set Designer
Joseph Novak

L'Amore dei Tre Re received three performances this season.

Review 1:

Review of Pitts Sanborn in the Telegram

"The Love of Three Kings" Sung at the Metropolitan

To the manifest pleasure of a large and responsive audience, "The Love of Three Kings" re-entered the Metropolitan repertory last evening. Its comings and goings here depend, as a rule, on the presence or absence of Miss Bori, who was the Fiora in the first local performance fourteen years ago and who resumed the role yesterday.

The Spanish soprano is always a figure of fragile and appealing loveliness as the ill starred Princess in the strange imbroglio of three monarchs in Sem. Benelli's gripping tragedy of Italy in the dark ages, although the requirements of Italo Montemezzi's music have steadily subjected her comparatively slender voice to a severe strain.

The Manfredo last evening was Mr. Danise; the Avito, Mr. Martinelli. Of the various Italian tenors who have essayed the role of the youngest and well loved of the three Kings none, since its unforgettable "creator" here, Edoardo Ferrari-Fontana, has acquitted himself so successfully as Mr. Martinelli, though their number has included Enrico Caruso.

There was an unfamiliar representative of Archibaldo yesterday in Mr. Pinza, who lent the blind old monarch of the rest his virile voice and commanding presence. The authoritative conducting of Mr. Serafin was an important feature of the evening. The Metropolitan's lexicographer has discovered that the period of this opera is forty years after a "barbaric" invasion. Why not "barbarous," O sage!

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