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Metropolitan Opera House, Wed, January 18, 1928

Review 1:

Review in Musical Courier

The second performance of "Carmen" had the same cast as at the [season's beginning] revival: Jeritza as Carmen; Fleischer as Micaela; Johnson as Don José; Tibbett as Escamillo; Charlotte Ryan, Frasquita; Merle Alcock, Mercedes; Picco, Bada, D'Angelo and Cehanovsky respectively as Dancaire, Remendado. Zuniga and Morales.

Madame Jeritza sang well, but the score does not by any means give her an opportunity to display her vocal abilities. The few times that her part brings out some of the higher notes of her register it was with distinct pleasure that we heard them, with the exception of a few of her interpolations at the end of several ensembles. Madam Jeritza has a great talent which is distinctly her own, and it seems a pity that she should not constantly use the vehicles that bring it out to its greatest advantage. Histrionically she was convincing, especially in the third act when she brought out with grim fear the prophecy of "toujours la mort." Edward Johnson's Don José is an usually romantic portrayal. His rendition of the big aria, "La Fleur" was fervent, and with his light physique and gentle manner it had an element of wistfulness about it. Miss Fleischer's interpretation of Micaela was genuine, and she brings out all the clearness and sweetness of her voice. She was most cordially received.

The ballet in the fourth act, as arranged by Rosina Galli and Giuseppe Bonfiglio, was the spot in the evening's entertainment that made the audience enthusiastic. Miss Galli and Mr. Bonfiglio performed with a remarkable sense of rhythm and Spanish insinuation.

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