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Andrea Chénier
Metropolitan Opera House, Fri, February 25, 1927

Andrea Chénier (38)
Umberto Giordano | Luigi Illica
Andrea Chénier
Giovanni Martinelli

Maddalena de Coigny
Florence Easton

Carlo Gérard
Giuseppe De Luca

Grace Anthony

Countess di Coigny
Ina Bourskaya

Alfio Tedesco

George Cehanovsky

Angelo Badà

Millo Picco

Adamo Didur

Merle Alcock

Arnold Gabor

Fouquier Tinville
Paolo Ananian

Pompilio Malatesta

Vincenzo Reschiglian

Tullio Serafin

Review 1:

Review in the New York Tribune

Martinelli Sings Farewell for Season in 'Andrea Chenier'

Easton and De Luca Also Score at Metropolitan

"Andrea Chenier" was last night's opera at the Metropolitan, and set forth Mr. Martinelli in a first and last appearance. It was the first time that he had sung the title role at the Metropolitan, and his last operatic appearance of the season in the Broadway house.

The French Revolutionary poet, as presented by Mr. Martinelli, made a marked hit with his hearers, and the applause stopped the show after his aria in the first act. At the close, a sizable contingent of enthusiasts remained until the lights were going out. Mr. Martinelli made a Chenier satisfactory to the eye and dramatically effective and emotional. His aria in the third act suggested, with a touch of vibrato, a little pushing of the voice in its louder notes, but there was excellent singing by Mr. Martinelli in the fourth act.

Florence Easton was at home in the role of Madeleine, singing , in the two acts we heard, strongly, if not with complete impeccability in the third act, and closed in notable vocal form. There seemed no lack of emotion in her effective performance. The part of Gerard was well performed by Mr. De Luca, while Mmes. Bourskaya, Anthony and Alcock; Messrs. Cehanovsky, Tedesco, Reschiglian, Didur, Bada, Picco, Ananian, Gabor and Malatesta completed the cast and Mr. Serafin conducted.

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